Corruption and Misuse of our Tax Dollars

For too long many of the public officials of Nassau County have used our tax dollars to enrich themselves. Public office and political influence must not be used as a get rich quick scheme, all at the expense of our tax dollars. I will work to ensure that our tax dollars are used to benefit us, for the good of our community, and not for any individual. I am new to politics and I will not hesitate to hold anyone accountable because we deserve honesty from our public officials. I am not politically connected and have never run for office before, but I’m sick of all the corruption. I promise to call out corruption, misappropriation of funds because, or any misuse of our tax dollars.

The Future of Nassau County

We need to prevent an exodus of youth and talent from Nassau County. We must build new housing that is both desirable and affordable, with proximity to both transit options and walkable downtowns, with retail and dining options. We need to keep the next generation on LI to both protect our property values and ensure that our area has a prosperous future for our children. The increased tax revenue from new housing will have the added benefit of decreasing the tax burden on current homeowners, which we can all appreciate. It is in all of our interests to ensure that young adults can both afford to live here and see Long Island as a great place to live!

Leading on Climate Change

We are now at a crossroads, and combating climate change is the pivotal challenge of our generation. Sustainable, clean energy, such as solar and wind with high capacity battery storage, is the future, and Nassau County must not be left behind as the world moves forward. I support adopting green energy standards for public and private industry, incentivizing renewable industries, and removing government impediments for private transformation. Not only will we be combating climate change, but this will bring the added benefit of new jobs and a boost for the local economy from the renewable energy industry.

Road Safety in our Community

In the interests of public safety, I propose:

1. A redesign of the school zone on Lido Blvd, and 

2. A bike lane running through both Lido Beach and Atlantic Beach.

First and foremost, the school zone on Lido Blvd is simply not safe as currently constructed. We should not wait for another injury before taking action. This safety issue has been well known many years, with no permanent fix being put in place. Lowering the speed limit is a quick fix that does not solve the problem. There needs to be a redesign of the area, with a protected bike lane that will act as a buffer zone for both pedestrians and bicyclists from passing automobiles. as well as Additionally, there must be crossing guards and speed enforcement in the school zone. 

Secondly, both Lido Blvd and Park Ave in Atlantic Beach are extremely dangerous for bicycles. We must construct bike lanes in both areas to make the road safe for both vehicles and bikes. 

Let’s not wait until we have another incident before taking action!