We need a comprehensive investigation in Long Beach

There is still no explanation as to why the investigation by the outside counsel hired by the City Council was cancelled, and no response to the statement by Bendo and Mandel. As recommended by the NYS Comptroller, we must have an independent internal investigation in order to identify all payments made in violation of the City Charter, and then seek to recoup them. We need to find out the whole story and seek reimbursement of all illegitimate payments.


Let’s address climate change in Nassau County!

We are now at a crossroads, and combating climate change is the pivotal challenge of our generation. Living on the coast, we must be hyper-vigilant to ensure a safe and prosperous future for our community. Based on the failure of the federal government to bring leadership or implement serious policy, state and local governments must step in to fill the void. Sustainable, clean energy, such as solar and wind with high capacity battery storage, is the future, and Nassau County must not be left behind as the world moves forward. I support adopting green energy standards for public and private industry, incentivizing renewable industries, and removing government impediments for private transformation. Not only will we be combating climate change, but this will bring the added benefit of new jobs and a boost for the local economy from the renewable energy industry.  Major countries all around the world have committed to a net zero carbon goal by 2050. Why can’t we? In our own backyard, the Town of East Hampton will be fossil fuel free by next year. Let’s show leadership in Nassau and ensure a safe future for our kids!


Long Beach Separation Overpayments

Recently, I've been asked about the overpayments of separation payments made by the City of Long Beach. Those overpayments are outrageous and unacceptable. This practice of overpayments goes back over 25 years, and it must be stopped permanently. In addition to Jack Schnirman returning the money, every cent of all other overpayments must be returned voluntarily, and if not, the city should go after it. Both the Nassau DA and US Attorney in the Eastern District are reviewing the matter, so I await the outcomes of those investigations to learn the entire story and see if any charges are filed.

I’m new to politics and completely independent. I’ll work to stop any corruption or misappropriation of funds because any misuse of our tax dollars is unacceptable. Democrat or Republican does not matter to me, unlike Denise Ford who seems to only call out one side. I will not shy away from holding anyone accountable because we deserve honesty from our public officials. The Republicans have a massive corruption problem as compared to the Democrats, but let’s be clear, even one instance by either side is not acceptable to me. That is why I’m running!

Keep Nassau’s Future Talent Here

We need to prevent an exodus of youth and talent from Nassau County: “One by one, Natalie Sparaccio has seen her friends and classmates leave Long Island and never look back...Colorado, Arizona, Florida, South Carolina. Every few months, another going-away party. Millennials all in search of better jobs, apartments they can afford and a nightlife.” How high rents are driving away LI's millennials  https://www.newsday.com/long-island/li-millennials-housing-high-cost-1.35922815

We must build affordable housing that is desirable and affordable for young working adults. This must include proximity to both transit options and walkable downtowns with retail and dining options. Today’s young adult renters are the families, homeowners, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We need to keep the next generation on LI to both protect our property values and ensure that our area has a prosperous future for our children. The increased tax revenue from new housing will have the added benefit of decreasing the tax burden on current homeowners, which we can all appreciate. It is in all of our interests to ensure that young adults can both afford to live here and see Long Island as a great place to live!

More kickbacks for the Nassau GOP

Just the latest example in the litany of corruption, cronyism, and criminal acts by the current Nassau County Republican leadership:

“A Hempstead Town contractor facing scrutiny from federal law enforcement has paid more than $1 million over 10 years to Joseph Cairo, chairman of the Nassau County Republican Committee, and Cairo's son for legal and project management work at the beachside recreation complex the contractor runs, according to records and interviews.”

We must send the message that public office and political influence cannot be used as a get rich quick scheme. All at the expense of our tax dollars. Let’s make some changes this November 5th!



As a Jew, as an American, and as a human being, my proudest vote will be to remove this embarrassing disgrace from the White House next year!


More corruption convictions in Nassau

Another conviction in the fight to end the culture of corruption that has persisted in Nassau for years, from Ed Mangano on down. Our tax dollars have sky rocketed while our elected officials have been working to line their pockets. It’s time for a change in Nassau. Thank you DA Madeline Singas for keeping up the hard work.

Sources: Venditto to plead guilty to corruption charges https://www.newsday.com/long-island/venditto-guilty-plea-1.34257269

Keeping Young Adults on Long Island

A vision for the future of Nassau. Encourage revitalization of downtown areas with affordable housing to attract young adults to stay on Long Island:

“There’s no way around it: We need more affordable housing options. That’s why I’ve supported new tax agreements that will enable developers to build affordable rental units in places like Garden City and Great Neck. We’re committed to continuing this momentum to create more realistic housing alternatives for our residents...Our young people also want a different neighborhood vibe. They’re attracted to walkable downtowns with apartments, restaurants and entertainment. Across the county, we’re focusing on revitalizing our downtowns and promoting transit-oriented development.”


The Message of “Send Her Back”

In a presidency full of new lows, the “Send Her Back” mantra could be the most quintessential un-American statement ever made by any President. Telling 4 US citizens of any race, creed, or color, 3 of whom were born on US soil, to go back to where they came from demonstrates an utter lack of understanding of the entirety of US history and what it means to be an American. It is both disappointing to have a President make such a statement and saddening to see masses of people joyfully chanting it. In the face of such poor leadership and behavior, we need to remember where we came from and how this nation became great in the first place. Our melting pot of people and ideas have made us strong, and will continue to guide us through these troubling times!