Sentencing Delays

While it would be truly sad if Ambrosino’s sentencing got in the way of his “personal obligation”, the delay in sentencing of Ambrosino and Ed Mangano are clearly about not drawing attention to the systematic corruption of the Republican machine in Nassau County before Election Day. On November 5th, we must send a message that we all know who has been plundering our County for years. We need some change in Nassau!

“In a Sept. 27 letter to Judge Joanna Seybert, James Druker, Ambrosino’s Garden City attorney, asked that the Oct. 18 sentencing be postponed because of a personal obligation of his client that weekend, a time-consuming trial of Druker’s in Brooklyn and “an election on November 5th that we are concerned will be influenced by the publicity that will likely attend my client’s sentencing.”

Sentencing of former Hempstead councilman delayed Edward Ambrosino, who pleaded guilty in April to tax evasion, asked that his sentencing be postponed until after the Nov. 5 election.