Long Beach Separation Overpayments

Recently, I've been asked about the overpayments of separation payments made by the City of Long Beach. Those overpayments are outrageous and unacceptable. This practice of overpayments goes back over 25 years, and it must be stopped permanently. In addition to Jack Schnirman returning the money, every cent of all other overpayments must be returned voluntarily, and if not, the city should go after it. Both the Nassau DA and US Attorney in the Eastern District are reviewing the matter, so I await the outcomes of those investigations to learn the entire story and see if any charges are filed.

I’m new to politics and completely independent. I’ll work to stop any corruption or misappropriation of funds because any misuse of our tax dollars is unacceptable. Democrat or Republican does not matter to me, unlike Denise Ford who seems to only call out one side. I will not shy away from holding anyone accountable because we deserve honesty from our public officials. The Republicans have a massive corruption problem as compared to the Democrats, but let’s be clear, even one instance by either side is not acceptable to me. That is why I’m running!