Keeping Young Adults on Long Island

A vision for the future of Nassau. Encourage revitalization of downtown areas with affordable housing to attract young adults to stay on Long Island:

“There’s no way around it: We need more affordable housing options. That’s why I’ve supported new tax agreements that will enable developers to build affordable rental units in places like Garden City and Great Neck. We’re committed to continuing this momentum to create more realistic housing alternatives for our residents...Our young people also want a different neighborhood vibe. They’re attracted to walkable downtowns with apartments, restaurants and entertainment. Across the county, we’re focusing on revitalizing our downtowns and promoting transit-oriented development.”,116672

The Message of “Send Her Back”

In a presidency full of new lows, the “Send Her Back” mantra could be the most quintessential un-American statement ever made by any President. Telling 4 US citizens of any race, creed, or color, 3 of whom were born on US soil, to go back to where they came from demonstrates an utter lack of understanding of the entirety of US history and what it means to be an American. It is both disappointing to have a President make such a statement and saddening to see masses of people joyfully chanting it. In the face of such poor leadership and behavior, we need to remember where we came from and how this nation became great in the first place. Our melting pot of people and ideas have made us strong, and will continue to guide us through these troubling times!

The Future of Nassau County Residential Life

This is the future of Nassau County. Development of walkable downtown areas with restaurants, entertainment, and mass transit close by to new housing. We must invest in the future to promote living in Nassau for young adults and families.

Support the reauthorization of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund

The heroes of 9/11 did their job when called upon. Many lost their lives, and many others continue to suffer the consequences to their health as a result of their duty. The very least we can do as grateful citizens is to ensure their health needs are provided for. "Never Forget" must be more than empty words. Shame on any elected representative who does not support the immediate reauthorization of the Victims Compensation Fund.